100 things to write about

Like the third prompt, this particular prompt also encourages you to think backwards in a way. The whole idea is to start getting the words flowing. What does its symbolism mean to you? What did it signify to you? Special privileges for working women.

Describe this character in full detail. Memories From Your Childhood What was your favorite toy? Was it a nightmare? You can keep both to use as characters or settings later when writing a longer piece. Write about the most difficult choice you made.

Instead of starting from the beginning of a paragraph and writing to the end, your ending has already been created. Try to use the few details you have from the dream to create a vivid image. What will you do with your time?

What effect did that day have on the rest of your life? GMO labels are essential to help you make a decision. Use the seasons, weather, or even the months of the year. Which sense are you most thankful to have, and why?

Landmark Events Write about your first dance. Write from your life. Learn how to write with flair to build up your writing skills even more. Does she have any family? We bring the FUN! Really challenge yourself, and see just how much of a story you can describe just by writing in dialogue.

Was it a chance encounter? A sudden rash of break-ins brings her to his store over and over and over again, until it becomes obvious that he might be tripping the alarm on purpose—just to see her. Tell your story about when a friend or a group of them made your day.

When it comes to blogging, I want to know you as a person. What constituted your idea of fun? Write a letter to the editor of your favorite magazine telling them what features you would like to see included in the magazine.Financial Fears ; Excuses I Make For Myself ; Things I Need/Want To Control ; Fears I Have About Giving Up Control ; Answered Prayers.

20 Things To Write About When You’re Totally Stuck. blogging. A s much as I believe that creating useful, helpful content is important to keep a blog ticking over — see this post, for example! — I have to agree when people say blogging has become a little, well, dull.

Things to Write About A place for writers of all ages to come and find inspiration to write. Thursday, February 16, WRITE a Prayer for Peace. I took this photo of my daughter Gracie in front of my favorite statue at the United Nations in New York City.

Want to know more? Learn more about how to write a great short story here. Our Best Short Story Ideas.

Top 100 Short Story Ideas

Ready to get writing? Here are our best short story ideas to kickstart your writing. Enjoy! 10 General Short Story Ideas. Our first batch of story ideas are for any kind of story, whether a spy thriller or a memoir of your personal life.

50 Things To Write About Tell Your Story. Whitney Lorraine Whitney Lorraine Feb 6, views. views. comments. As an English Major, it sometimes kills me to not have anything to write about.

20 Things To Write About When You’re Totally Stuck

I have succumbed to creating a video to express what is on my mind (or for some project) instead of actually WRITING. Write a script on. Reasons I Don’t Want To Stay Married/Committed Things I Want In A Partner/Relationship Things I Have To Offer To A Partner/Relationship Fears I Am Having Right Now Things That Once Scared Me But Don’t Anymore.

100 things to write about
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