Dairy farming business plan in maharashtra

Calves baby cow Management: The beginning After completing my post-graduation from Bangalore, I spent the first decade of my work life in the information technology industry, working for IT majors like Dell, and America Online.

Proper business plan, well management and care can ensure maximum production and profit from dairy farming business. Because, green food helps the animal to produce more milk and helps the producer to reduce feeding costs. You can choose any depending on your area, local facilities and your production purpose.

Nowadays goat meat has a great demand internationally. Vaccinations — To control diseases and protect the cow health, you must have a proper vaccination schedule.

You can start goat farming business with a very small investment. Proper plan and management can ensure maximum production. Starting dairy cow farming business is not so easy. The animals are to be protected from high and low temperature, strong sunlight, heavy rainfall, high humidity, frost, snowfall, strong winds, ecto-parasite and endo-parasites.

As the profit is totally dependent on the milk yield of the cow. You can also make an outlet to shed so that whenever the shed is cleaned the cow urine any leftover manure can flow into the field.

We insist on giving first milk i. Before starting goat farming business, ask some questions to yourself. Because they are mainly raised for their milk production, and their milk contain a large amount of water. Most of the dairy farmers in India are raising animals in small scale scale traditional methods.

But in the result you will get more profits than any other livestock farming projects. Indian breed takes approx months in reaching maturity phase whereas high yield cows HF or jersey cross breed reaches maturity at months and its ready for mating.

High infrastructure and feeding cost is the main constraint of dairy farming business. This was three years back. But many of the dairy farms still manage and run organic dairy farms mostly in villages and supply the milk to get processed by large companies and finally sell to the retail outlets.

Along with adequate nutritious foods, ensure availability of adequate amount of clean and fresh water. You can also train your workers based on the type of your farm.

How to Start Dairy Farming in India

Feed them nutritious food and provide sufficient amount of clean and fresh water. Also cross breed of jersey and red sindhi is preferrable for the good milk yield. Several techniques are available to provide relief from hot weather conditions for lactating dairy cows.

Mix kutti, chokar and concentrate like khalli sarso,badam or teesi add water in it and feed them Generally sarso khalli provides heat and it should be given during winter season and Teesi khalli in summer seasons Badam khalli can be given any time as it increases fat percentage in the milk Roughly cost of feeding one cow is rs a day Adequate water supply: Make a stock of necessary medicines and other materials.

You can also reduce debt by renting land and buying used equipment; you can think of upgrading your business technology later. In some cases you can also train them for specific dairy farm jobs.

Connect with other dairy farmers Of course you know that you are not the only dairy farming business owner in the area. With the bank hesitating to extend further assistance, I am exploring other options to infuse rich capital to take my dairy enterprise to the next level.

Most people are aware of the business of rearing cows for meat but they tend to forget that you can begin a dairy farm business. Dairy Farming Guide For Beginners: So, before starting consider how comfortable house can you make for your goats.

Start with the best breeds To start on a positive note, you should begin with 45 to 50 of the best cow breeds you can purchase. Rainfall in cold climate also causes stress in temperate zone.

I commenced milk production and personally took care of feeding the cows, bathing them, milking and cleaning their sheds every day. In case of large scale commercial farms, employ experienced people.

Commercial dairy cow farming business is not an exception. This will help you running your business perfectly. Dairy Farming Business Plan 7 — You should learn good labour management skills.

Goat Farming Business Plan For Beginners

We must have surplus area of land preferebly 2 acre for 15 cows for green fodder cultivation. In order to acquire such knowledge and experience in the business, it is advisable that you work for a dairy farmer before you consider starting your own farm.30+ Agriculture Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities in Maharashtra as on September Buy or Invest in an Agriculture Business in Maharashtra and countries with profit margins up to 60% investment ranging from INR lakh - crore.

Explore pre-screened Agriculture. Journey from IT to dairy farming: Santhosh D. Singh, Founder, Amrutha Dairy Farms Murali D It is well past sunset, and the farm animals have begun their rest, except for a calf playing around. Dairying is an important source of subsidiary income to small/marginal farmers and agricultural labourers.

In addition to milk, the manure from animals provides a good source of organic matter for by rakumba in Types > Instruction manuals and nabard dairy farming project/5(49). Dairy Farming Business Plan – Bottom Line: The above write-up can be assumed for Dairy Farming Business Plan in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, and other states of India.

Starting a Dairy Farm – Sample Business Plan Template

However, the labour cost, Cow breeds, feed cost or green fodder production cost and inputs. Proper business plan, well management and care can ensure maximum production and profit from dairy farming business.

I have described here the importance, setting up steps and some problems of dairy farming in India. Why Dairy Farming in India? There are many benefits of starting dairy farming business in.

Eco-friendly business: You will be doing a favour to the environment by starting dairy farm business. The animals of Indian and foreign breeds will help to conserve the soil and nature, thanks to their grazing habits and contribution towards organic dfaduke.com will be able to meet all your energy needs, if you go in for a biogas plant that uses cow dung as fuel.

Dairy farming business plan in maharashtra
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