Essays on epistemology and evolutionary game theory

Werner Leinfellner Struktur und Aufbau wissenschaftlicher Theorien: He viewed the evolution of society and the ability of humans to influence evolutionary processes as having enormous ethical implications, which we must deal with.

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Second, there is the cultural evolution of languages and concepts. Traditionally, epistemology has been construed as a normative project whose aim is to clarify and defend conceptions of knowledge, foundations, evidential warrant and justification.

Evolutionary Epistemology

Since there are four possible strategies to use as Sender and four possible strategies to use as Receiver, this means that there are a total of 16 possible strategies for the sender-receiver game when roles are not permanently assigned to individuals. Cultural evolution presents more novelty. The second shows how populations of pre-linguistic individuals may coordinate on the use of a simple signaling system even though they lack the ability to communicate.

A pooling equilibrium occurs when the Sender uses the same signal regardless of the state of the world. There are, as well, a number of more technical projects which attempt to provide the theoretical tools necessary for a naturalistic epistemology.

Modeling Cultural Evolution Part of the difficulty in understanding cognitive behavior as the product of evolution is that there are at least three very different evolutionary processes involved. The dynamic is given a microeconomic foundation in terms of myopic optimization under control costs due to a certain status-quo bias.

The argument is that any such appeal would obviously be question begging. Some see SamuelsonEvolutionary Games and Equilibrium Selection hope that further development of evolutionary game theory can be of service in addressing this issue. Such games have been used to explain how language, and semantic content, can emerge in a community which originally did not possess any language whatsoever.

Edward Elgar Publishing Format Available: While it is plausible enough to think that the evolutionary imprint on our organs of thought influences what and how we do think, it is not at all clear that the influence is direct, significant or detectible.

It argues that the mind is in part genetically determined and that its structure and function reflect adaptationa nonteleological process of interaction between the organism and its environment. The EET programs are even more problematic.

It is, as Lewis notes, a function from the set of states of the world into the set of signals. Campbell that understanding human knowledge fully will require understanding the interaction between these processes.

The late John F. Similarly, endorsing an EET selectionist account of how human knowledge systems grow does not, in itself, warrant concluding that specific or general brain structures involved in cognition are the result of natural selection for enhanced cognitive capacities.

The viability of such selectionist models is an empirical question which rests on the development of adequate models.Evolutionary Epistemology is a naturalistic approach to epistemology, which emphasizes the importance of natural selection in two primary roles.


In the first role, selection is the generator and maintainer of the reliability of our senses and cognitive mechanisms, as well as the “fit” between. Alyssa Schreffler The principles of evolution support the theory that certain behaviours seen today must have helped humans in the past.

With that in mind, it can be true that evolutionary psychology is solely based on comparisons of behaviours on only what history allows us to look back on. Evolutionary epistemology is the attempt to address questions in the theory of knowledge from an evolutionary point of view.

Evolutionary epistemology involves, in part, deploying models and metaphors drawn from evolutionary biology in the attempt to characterize and resolve issues arising in epistemology and conceptual change.

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Evolutionary Game Theory

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This thesis has two parts, one consisting of three independent papers in epistemology (Chapters ) and another one consisting of a single paper in evolutionary game theory (Chapter 4): (1) “Knowing who speaks when: A note on communication, common knowledge and consensus” (together with Mark Voorneveld) We study a model of pairwise.

Jeffrey Barrett Professor Barrett is interested in chance and probability in physical theories, including notions of algorithmic randomness, and is currently working on a project that uses evolutionary game theory to model salient features of empirical inquiry.

Essays on epistemology and evolutionary game theory
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