The effect of child abuse and

Nor do we yet know the importance of the particular timing, intensity, and context of abuse on the outcome. However, due to the vast nature of child abuse — resulting from a wide variety of details, involved parties, case history, environments, and methods undertaken — the certain classification of the Effects of Child Abuse has proven to be inconclusive.

The last cause of child abuse is child problems. In a recent review of studies reporting quantitative findings about the impact of sexual abuse of minors, Kendall-Tackett et al.

Behaviorally, the consequences of abuse range from poor peer relations all the way to extraordinarily violent behaviors. The end effect of child abuse depends on its type: Psychological consequences range from chronic low self-esteem to severe dissociative states.

Effects Of Abuse

Until recently, research on the consequences of physical and sexual child abuse and neglect has been based primarily on retrospective studies of adolescents or adults that are subject to clinical bias and inaccurate recall Aber and Cicchetti, It is important to understand causes of child abuse to prevent it.

One of the most dramatic findings for these children was the nearly 40 point decline in performance on the Bayley Scales of Infant Development between 9 and 24 months.

Some experts now contend that the psychological or emotional components of abuse and neglect are the factor most responsible for the destructive consequences of all types of maltreatment Brassard et al. Higher incidence of suicide attempts and self-mutilation have been Page Share Cite Suggested Citation: In more serious cases, the effects of child physical abuse can include seizures, permanent blindness or deafness, paralysis, mental and developmental delays and, of course, death.

Effects of Child Sexual Abuse on Victims

Sexual abuse has also sometimes been associated with the onset of sexual activity in middle childhood. Second, posttrauma victims make efforts to avoid exposing themselves to anything that might remind them of their trauma.

In the preschool classroom, these children presented varied and serious behavior problems. Effects that appear at only one life stage, whether immediately following the maltreatment or later, are often different from those that persist throughout life. Similarly, depression and sexual acting out can be thought of as attempts to cope, however, dysfunctionally.

In early periods of neglectful behavior, the child may exhibit stressful behaviors in the forms of feeding problems, irritability, or deficits in social responsiveness that place increased demands on the parent's caretaking duties Powell and Low, ; Powell et al.

Over time their functioning deteriorated. Thus early neglectful and physically abusive practices have devastating consequences for their small victims. Children who develop depression and anxiety due to their abusive past often turn to smoking, alcohol and illicit drug use and other unhealthy, dangerous behaviors to cope with their emotional and psychological scars.

These create a financial burden on the community and on society in general because authorities must allocate funds from taxes and other resources for social welfare programs and the foster care system. Sometimes, abuse can lead to lasting or recurring health problems, such as shaken baby syndrome or impaired brain development.

Neglect is usually reported by the people who are close to the child: Also, some parents are not differentiating discipline from physical abuse and trying to use violent methods to teach children right things.

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Children from this group were compared with physically abused, neglected, verbally rejected, and control groups from the same high-risk sample. Substance abuse is another leading cause of child abuse. These mothers were detached and unresponsive to their children's bids for care and attention.

Abuse and neglect may result in serious health problems that can adversely affect children's development and result in irremediable lasting consequences. Despite the latent uncertainty and absence of uniform results, studies with regard to the effects of child abuse — and their subsequent identification and analysis — have enjoyed successes; case studies, interviews, research, and investigations conducted with regard to the effects of child abuse have proved to provide invaluable and essential information, which has provided for the assistance and support of victims of child abuse.

Long-Term Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect

Developing a psychological disorder, such as depression, does not mean that you were necessarily abused, and being abused does not mean you will develop depression.A child who is the victim of prolonged sexual abuse usually develops low self-esteem, a feeling of worthlessness and an abnormal or distorted view of sex.

The child may become withdrawn and mistrustful of adults, and can become suicidal (page 1). (Longitudinal Studies of Child Abuse and Neglect) is a consortium of. longitudinal research studies on the causes and impact of child abuse and neglect.

It was initiated in with grants from the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect. The size. (Longitudinal Studies of Child Abuse and Neglect) is a consortium of. longitudinal research studies on the causes and impact of child abuse and neglect.

It was initiated in with grants from the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect. The size. Long-term consequences of child abuse and neglect.

Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Children's Bureau. This material may be freely reproduced and distributed. However, when doing so, please credit Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Children’s Bureau. Causes & Effects of Child Abuse. by AMANDA HERMES June 13, Amanda Hermes. The most obvious effect of child abuse is physical injury to the child.

Long-Term Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect

According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, physical injuries can be minor, such as bruises, or severe, such as broken Founded: Jun 17, Page 6 Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect.

The consequences of maltreatment can be devastating. For over 30 years, clinicians have described the effects of child abuse and neglect on the physical, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral development of children.

The effect of child abuse and
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